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The Lee-Enfield is a bolt-action, magazine-fed repeating rifle that served as the main firearm used by the military forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth during the first half of the 20th century. It was the British Army's standard rifle from its official adoption in 1895 until 1957. The WWI versions are often referred to as the SMLE, which is short for the common Short, Magazine. Der Poltergeist von Enfield - Dies geschah wirklich. 4 90.513 2 Minuten lesezeit. Teilen. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Messenger Messenger WhatsApp via E-Mail senden. Ein Poltergeist-Spuk von elf Monaten ist der spektakulärste Fall der wohl jemals dokumentiert wurde. Von August 1977 bis zum September 1978 durchlebte eine Mutter mit ihren vier Kindern in Enfield, einem Stadtteil nördlich von. Martini-Enfield rifles were, by and large, conversions of the Zulu War era .577/450 Martini-Henry, rechambering the rifle for use with the newly introduced .303 British cartridge. Whilst most Martini-Enfields were converted rifles, a number were newly manufactured as well. Overview. The.

Enfield Long Lever Martini-Henry Rifle .450-577 1887 Auction: 1035652 The Enfield is marked RFI (Rifle Factory Ishapore) 1948. This is a very nice Enfield. The wood is very good with only a couple of handClick for more info. Seller: Vintage South Texas . Area Code: 734 . $850.00 . enfield no4 mk 1* stevens savage . GI#: 101574167. excellent condition may be unissued matching bolt and receiver serial #57c7920 magazine not matching gun is 90%+ original finish.

Unbesehen: Enfield-Vorderlader (indbesondere die 2-Band-Ausführung) von Parker-Hale sind sehr gut. Aber: Parker-Hale hat 1990 die VL-Fertigung beendet, was Du heute bekommst, ist also mindestens 27 Jahre alt. Du kannst also Glück haben und ein gutes Stück erwischen, Du kannst aber auch Pech haben und eine total verbastelte Gurke bekommen. Originale Ersatzteile sind heute auch kaum noch zu. In 1887 the Standard Freehold Land Co. of Woolwich (Kent) sold plots in Standard Road, near Enfield Lock (formerly Ordnance Factory) station; they were bought by a builder from Kilburn and the street had been built up by 1897 The Pattern 1887 sword bayonet, or Sword Bayonet, Martini-Henry Rifle, Pattern 1887, was designed specifically for M-H Mark IV Infantry Rifles. Many Mark IV rifles were converted from Enfield-Martini .402 second pattern rifles, and thus, had no provision for mounting a socket bayonet. The P1887 was created out of the need to supply a sword bayonet for the new M-H Mark IV. The basic design of.

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  1. gham for Store, and to have the front sight removed from the crosspiece'. (i) P1886 Enfield-Martini bayonet second model with foresight removed by grinding, and entered into service as Sword-Bayonet, Martini-Henry Rifle in 1887
  2. Het betreft een mooie Martini Henry Enfield MK IV 1887 cal 577/450.Het geweer spant goed en gaat goed af ,loop is onklaar zit lood in gegoten.Mooie orginele sabel .Fotos maken deel uit van de advertenti
  3. Model: MK6 - 1887 Manufacture: Enfield Calibre: 450/577 Rifle imported from Perou All the origin markings are present Weapon in very good condition Barrel with beautiful grooves, but not mirror The weapon shoots very well, barrel mirror with beautiful grooves Condition: Very good Los-Details Herstellungsland Vereinigtes Königreich Hersteller/ Produzent enfield Modell 1887 Waffenart Gewehr.
  4. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Enfield, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal

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Royal Enfield Vahrenkamp Diesel AKTION. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, wir möchten Ihnen trotz der aktuellen Situation weiterhin den... 9.990 € 49324 Melle. 02.07.2020. Enfield Diesel Diesel Wiesel oder anderes Dieselmotorrad gesucht! Suche Dieselmotorrad von Enfield, Dieselwiesel, Sommer, Vahrenkamp oder sonstiges. Bitte alles... Gesuch. 5.000 € 49090 Osnabrück. 18.02.2020. Ampermeter. 1858 Enfield 2 Band Navy Dienstgewehr Kal. .58 mit Perkussionszündung von Pedersoli (1858-1867) Diese Navy Version des 2-Band Dienstgewehres ist sehr ausgewogen. Entwickelt wurde dieses Dienstgewehr für die britische Admiralität in den späten 1850-er Jahren. Das 1858 Enfield Navy Gewehr war eine der präzisesten Waffen seiner Zeit. Die Pedersoli Enfield-Gewehrreproduktion wurde von der. 1853 Enfield 3 Band Dienstgewehr als Vorderlader im Kaliber .58 mit Perkussionszündung hergestellt von Pedersoli für 100 m von Artax Vorderlade Enfield (1887 - Unknown) How do we create a person's profile? We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create each person's profile. We encourage you to research and examine these records to determine their accuracy. Photos:73. Records:284. Enfield was born in.

The .476 calibre Enfield Mk I and Mk II revolvers were the official sidearm of both the British Army and the North-West Mounted Police, as well as being issued to many other Colonial units throughout the British Empire. The term Enfield Revolver is not applied to Webley Mk VI revolvers built by RSAF Enfield between 1923 and 1926. The Enfield No. 2 is an unrelated .38 calibre revolver that. Margaret Elinor Enfield. Birth registered: Apr-May-Jun 1887 in Loughborough, Leicestershire, England. Volume 7a, Page 17. Accessed online through Ancestry.co.uk on 31 December 2019 England & Wales, Civil Registration Marriage Index. Margaret E Enfield. Marriage registered: Oct-Nov-Dec 1913 in Basford, Nottinghamshire, England. Volume 7b, Page 561. Accessed online through Ancestry.co.uk on. By 1887 there were 2,400 employees. 1887 Report by Lord Morley's committee into the Manufacturing Departments of the Army, which consisted of 4 establishments: Woolwich, Waltham Abbey, Enfield and Birmingham; the committee made a number of recommendations for reorganisation, having taken account of modern industrial practices

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Bid on Lot #731: Enfield 1887 Rifle 450 CF - This is an excellent all original example of the famous British Martini-Henry single shot rifle as manufact... Skip To Content (Press Enter) 1-800-238-802 V.R. Enfield 1887 rifle, .45-70 Description: Very nice British Enfield Model 1887 Mark IV. Wood is fair with unit markings/cartouches on buttstock, 1908 being the latest. Right side of action is clearly marked with a crown, V.R. ENFIELD 1887 I.V. 1 KK.A. 11.08. Long loading lever, 33 round barrel, two barrel bands, steel cleaning rod, long range ladder sight, front blade, bayonet lug, and.

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  1. Enfield Revolver is the name applied to two totally separate models of self-extracting British handgun designed and manufactured at the government-owned Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield; initially the .476 calibre (actually 11.6 mm) Revolver Enfield Mk I/Mk II revolvers (from 1880-1889), and later the .38/200 calibre Enfield No. 2 Mk I (from 1923-1957)
  2. This re-designed arm was known as the Enfield Martini .40 pattern B and its approval was 13th May 1887. Enfield had begun production in anticipation of full scale adoption of the arm in both patterns, even though no official order had been received, in 1885 the contract for 200,000 E-M arms was forwarded at a cost per rifle of 46s 8d, expected to drop to 46s 6d by 1886. In October 1885.
  3. Enfield made 1887 dated Martini Henry mk4, .577 calibre and full working action with good bore and breach - inert slides in and ejects nicely. Finish is very good, period and original, comes with correct period scket bayonet and .577 inert round and comes with original cleaning rod, full working action, obsolete calibre. Martin Henry, mk4 Enfield 1887 complete with period bayonet and .577.
  4. For similarly named revolver, see Enfield No. 2. For a similarly named bolt-action rifle, see Lee-Enfield. The Enfield is a fully-automatic bullpup assault rifle featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops. 1 Campaign 2 Multiplayer 3 Attachments 4 Gallery 5 Video 6 Trivia The Enfield is Hudson's primary starting weapon during the level Rebirth. It has the ERDL Camouflage with an Infrared Scope and a.
  5. Harriett (Enfield) Taylor 14 Mar 1819 Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom - 27 Dec 1887 managed by Emily Delves last edited 4 Aug 2020. Catherine Ann (Enfield) Metcalf abt 1876 Indiana, United States last edited 1 Aug 2020. Elga Enfield 21 Jun 1894 Iowa, United States - 30 Sep 1983 last edited 9 Jul 2020. Unlisted Enfield managed by Jeff Iverson. Loren K. Enfield 1920s - 2000s . Unlisted.
  6. Edith Enfield. Historical records and family trees related to Edith Enfield. Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives, specific dates, locations and full names. MyHeritage Family Trees; England & Wales, Death Index, 1837-2005; FamilySearch Family Tree ; 1911 England & Wales Census; 1891 England & Wales Census; 1901 England & Wales Census; 1881 England & Wales.
  7. The M1917 Enfield, the 'American Enfield', formally named 'United States Rifle, Model 1887 lever-action shotgun, Model 1890 slide-actionrifle, Model 1893, Model 1894, and Model 1895 lever-action rifles.The Model 1894 alone accounted for over five million sales and isstill in production. Winchester was able to enter the militarymarket in later years, with sales both to foreign governments.

With the decision to make general issue of the Martini Henry MKII & MkIII to the militia and Volunteers in January 1885 and the impending new .303 calibre and the suspension and ultimate cancellation of the .402 bore Enfield Martini in June 1887, it was decided as a short term measure to convert those 65000 .402 Enfield Martinis already made into a useable .577/450 arm Enfield Mk I & Mk II Revolvers [edit | edit source]. The first models of Enfield revolver—the Mark I and Mark II—were official British military sidearms from 1880 through 1887, and issue sidearms of the North-West Mounted Police in Canada from 1883 until 1911.. NWMP Commissioner Acheson G. Irvine ordered 200 Mark IIs in 1882, priced at C$15.75 each, which were shipped by London's. Enfield no1 mk1 1905. Black Enfield L1A1. L2A1. Lithgow l1a1. R.A.S.F Sparkbook. ITAR. Enfield 1958 L1A1. USA Pre 1899 law. Inert Ammunition. Get it Cheaper. 7.92 x 33 KURZ MP44 7.92 X 57 Mauser G98 & K98 Steel 7.92 X 57 Mauser G98 & K98 Brass 9×19mm Parabellum. The Lee-Enfield No. 5 rifle is a shortened and lightened version of the No. 4 rifle; while the L8A1 through L8A5 rifles are 7.62mm NATO conversions of No. 4 rifles. Beginning shortly after WWI, trials were conducted at the Royal Small Arms Factory (RSAF) in Enfield on a rifle with a receiver-mounted backsight. Trials continued through the 1920s and 1930s, yielding the No. 1 Mk V rifle in 1922.

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Genealogy for Margaret Elinor Burns (Enfield) (1887 - 1978) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. People Projects Discussions Surname Ab 1919 wurde das Modell nicht mehr von Webley gebaut. Die Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield übernahm die Produktion und das Modell erhielt den Namen: Enfield, Pistol, Revolver, B.L., .455 Mark VI, 1919. Die Herstellermarkierung lautete Enfield mit Jahreszahl der Produktio In 1887, the British Army was searching for a revolver to replace the largely unsatisfactory .476 Enfield Mk I & Mk II Revolvers, the Enfield having only replaced the solid frame Adams .450 revolver which was a late 1860s conversion of the cap and ball Beaumont-Adams revolver in 1880. Webley & Scott, who were already very well known makers of quality guns and had sold many pistols on a. Het betreft een mooie Martini Henry Enfield MK IV 1887 cal 577/450.Het geweer spant goed en gaat goed af ,loop is onklaar zit lood in gegoten.Mooie orginele sabel .Fotos maken deel uit van de advertentie Lot details Country of manufacture England Manufacturer/ Maker Martini Henry Model MK IV Enfield 1887 Weapon Type Rifle Firing mechanism Centerfire Sub-type Cavalry Caliber 577 / 450 Condition.

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  1. SELLING Enfield 1887 45/70. Thread starter 1lessdog; Start date Jul 30, 2019; 1lessdog. Silver $$ Contributor. Jul 30, 2019 #1 Very nice 1887. Nice wood and shoots very good. Has a vintage Weaver 3 x 9 with German post. I dont know where to price this as I have never seen one up for sale. I shot it last week with 350 gr cast bullets at 100 yds and had 3 shot at 1.5 inches . Last edited: Oct 30.
  2. Weekly Began in 1887. Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 9 (July 8, 1887)
  3. 1887 Lever Action Black Powder Shotguns Black Powder Rifles Civil War Muskets Sharps Models Percussion Rifles Flintlock Rifles Accessories. Accessories Ammo Blackpowder Accessories Cleaning Accessories Catalog Bayonets & Slings Gun Rugs Bond Arms Accessories Gun Display Cases Gun Sights WM Malcolm Scopes Taylor's Merchandise Gun Leather Hand Gun Leather Rigs Rifle & Shotgun Leather.
  4. Enfield Volunteer based on 1856 with brass pommel and cross guard . Jacobs. Designed to fit a double barrelled rifle: t: Jacobs bayonet for a double barrelled rifle, this came with a reproduction scabbard. The actual users of these blades is open to conjecture, many say India but it has not been confirmed. This is the longest of all the UK produced blades at 900mm overall length . Full basket.
  5. Gale Toyota, Enfield, Connecticut. 1,887 likes · 16 talking about this. One of the Leading Used Toyota Dealers in CT & Serving Western MA! Always looking to connect further with you here and at our..
  6. Enfield hat eine lange Geschichte in der Waffenherstellung, vor allem durch die Royal Small Arms Factory.Das Gewehr Lee-Enfield im Kaliber .303 war bis 1957 das Ordonnanzgewehr der Britischen Armee, teilweise wird es heute noch verwendet.Andere Kleinwaffen, die am Ort gefertigt wurden, waren die Maschinengewehre vom Typ Bren und Sten, wobei das -en in den Namen auf die Herstellung in Enfield.
  7. * 21.01.1887 in Reval (Estland)† 11.06.1967 in Enfield, New Hampshire (USA)WOLFGANG KÖHLER, ein deutscher Psychologe... Artikel lesen. Günter Tembrock - der Grzimek des Ostens GÜNTER TEMBROCK wurde am 7. Juni 1918 in Berlin geboren. Artikel lesen. Burrhus Frederic Skinner * 20.03.1904 in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania† 18.08.1990 in Cambridge, MassachusettsDie größten Probleme.

Situated at the confluence of the east and west branches of the Swift River in western Massachusetts, Enfield was the largest and southernmost of the four towns inundated in 1939 to create the Quabbin Reservoir. Incorporated as a town in 1816, Enfield was relatively prosperous in the nineteenth century on an economy based on agriculture and small-scale manufacturing, reaching a population of. BRITISH ENFIELD RIFLES VOLUME 4 of the British Enfield Rifle Series The Pattern 1914 and U.S. Model 1917 Rifles 2007 Second Edition. Revised by Charles R. Stratton FOR COLLECTORS ONLY A continuation on the successful series on collectible British military rifles. Focusing on the little understood but widely available Pattern 1914 and U.S. Model 1917 rifles manufactured by Winchester, Remington. Un-available UN-AVAILABLE British Pattern 1887 Early MK I Sword bayonet & Scabbard. BAYO 306 - BAYO 306 This is an early MK I Pattern 1887 sword bayonet newly made by Enfield in 1887 and not a converted 1886 Pattern. The blade has a fuller on each side and carries a Crown over V.R. and the date 87 (1887). The other side of the blade carries the broad arrow over WD and an inspection stamp.

Harold Enfield (1887 - 1968) How do we create a person's profile? We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create each person's profile. We encourage you to research and examine these records to determine their accuracy. Photos:23. Records:155. Born in London, England on 23 Aug 1887.. (2462)- British Martini-Henry MK IV Long Lever Rifle, Type A, made by Enfield dated 1887, cal. 450/577, silver brown patina finish, two small cracks on buttstock (pistol grip area), Good condition, $ 695.00 Can + shipping Firearms sold only to Canadian Buyers. USA (2313)- US Model 1816 Flintlock Musket, cal. .69, manufactured by Johnson (Middleton Connecticutt) Dated 1830, Re-conversion to. 30 Hawley Dr , Enfield, NH 03748-3843 is a single-family home listed for-sale at $589,000. The 1,887 sq. ft. home is a 3 bed, 2.0 bath property. Find 38 photos of the 30 Hawley Dr home on Zillow. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. MLS # 484607 Enfield M-17 x10 square Enfield SMLE Mosin Nagant .97x16 or 1x16 Steyr M-95 1.020x14 tpi V .693 shank Win 94 .809x20 Win 94 BB .875x28? Rossi 92 Marlin 336 .775x12 square .85 Marlin 1895 45-70 same as 336, 450 may have been changed to a v thread. Savage 99 Norinco Win 1887 lever shotgun 12 ga. 1.1x26 proofed to 43ksi

Herbert Enfield. Historical records and family trees related to Herbert Enfield. Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives, specific dates, locations and full names. MyHeritage Family Trees; England & Wales, Death Index, 1837-2005; FamilySearch Family Tree ; Geni World Family Tree; 1881 England & Wales Census; 1901 England & Wales Census; 1891 England & Wales. Enfield P60 Deko Gewehr Britisch-Amerikanisches Short Rifle Pattern. Deko Vorderlader Gewehr mit Perkussionsschloss. US Bürgerkrieg. England ab 1860. 172,72 € * Details . Vergleichen Merken. 1 von 2. Artikel pro Seite: Deko Gewehre im Online Shop der Waffen-Schaulade. Bei Waffen-Schaulade finden Darsteller und Sammler neben Westernwaffen, wie der Winchester, eine große Auswahl an. 26 Conlin Dr , Enfield, CT 06082-5020 is currently not for sale. The 1,887 sq. ft. single-family home is a 4 bed, 2.0 bath property. This home was built in 1956 and last sold on 4/27/2020 for $229,900. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow Just picked up this 1887 Enfield MkIV MH...really good condition. I have a question regarding the knoxform..it is the short version. Is this not a rifle that was intended for the ( I believe ) the Enfield Martini .402? Good tight action, Nepalese markings, but no 'NS NEP' marking on barrel as I've seen on most from the Nepalese cache Buy online, view images and see past prices for MARTINI HENRY MK IV LONG LEVER RIFLE ENFIELD 1887. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles

Vintage RSAF Enfield Model 1887, .577/450 Rifle for auction. RSAF-Enfield, Model: 1887, Caliber/Gauge: .577/450, Type: Rifle. Does include regiment markings on the butt of the rifle. *Lone Wolf Estate & Auction Services is a licensed FFL Dealer. Winning bidder of firearm must complete NICS 4473 Background check to take possession of firearm and a Transfer fee will apply to your purchase Enfield 1887 Reciever w/ Winchester 1200 Barrel for auction. 12 Gauge, Chambered for 2-3/4 inch Shells, 1 Round Capacity, Wood Stock, 29 inch Blued Barrel, SN: NSN *Must be 18 yrs or older

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  1. Enfield, Sohn einer Familie von Solicitors aus Nottingham, begann als Autodidakt mit der Aquarell- und Ölmalerei. Er war befreundet mit dem Schriftsteller Robert Louis Stevenson und dessen Cousin Bob, der auch Maler war. In den Jahren 1873 bis 1875 studierte Enfield bei Émile Auguste Carolus-Duran in Paris.Von 1884 bis 1896 lebte er in Düsseldorf, wo er (zusammen mit Ernest Crofts) ab.
  2. P-1853 Enfield; Percusion Muskets; Restoration Materials; Untouched Antique Guns; ZULU War; Apply Clear All. Original British P-1871 Martini-Henry MkII Short Lever Rifle (1870's Dates) with Socket Bayonet and Scabbard- Cleaned & Complete. $1,395.00 VIEW DETAILS. Original British P-1871 Martini-Henry MkII Short Lever Rifle (1870s Dates)- Cleaned & Complete . From $1,350.00 VIEW DETAILS.
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  4. That the town of Enfield was incorporated under an act of the General Assembly of the state of Illinois, approved March 15th, 1869. This act is set out in full, and is entitled An act to extend the corporate powers of the town of Enfield. It is an ordinary town charter, making the town a corporation by the name and style of The Town of Enfield. Its territorial limits were then prescribed.

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The Mk III Snider-Enfield was made from scratch and is not a conversion; these sturdy, early breech loaders have stood the test of time well. The condition of the bore will give you the best results you can expect from a rifle of this age and design. The mechanism of the lock and trigger, plus the ejection device, are in crisp, excellent condition. I use the word crisp in relation. British Pattern 1887 MK III Sword bayonet & Scabbard. Sn. ED 2197 - ED 2197 This bayonet is the MK III pattern of 1887 with no fullers to the blade. The blade carries a Crown over V.R. and the date 88 (1888). It was probably made by Enfield but no name appears on the blade. Wilkinson clearly stamped their blades and there were on other. Grange Park is a suburban part of Greater London in the London Borough of Enfield, United Kingdom.It is served by Grange Park railway station.Grange Park is located between Enfield Town to the north Bush Hill to the east, Southgate and World's End to the west, and Winchmore Hill to the south. It was largely built in the early 20th century on the site of Enfield Old Park We offer you a beautiful Martini Henry 1887 MK6 Martini-Henry Rifle Model: MK6 - 1887 Manufacture: Enfield Calibre: 450/577 Rifle imported from Perou All the origin markings are present Weapon in very good condition Barrel with beautiful grooves, but not mirror The weapon shoots very well, barrel mirror with beautifu ANTIQUE BRITISH MARK IV MARTINI HENRY LONG LEVER RIFLE-ENFIELD 1887. Top 100 Seller. sreisel A+(42102) Seller's Other Items. Used Condition. FFL is not required Ask Seller a Question  Current Bid. $800.00 . Starting Bid. $149.99. Buy Now Price Was. $0.00. No Reserve! 19 Bids Bid History. Time Left 15 min rule. Item has Ended. Ending Time. 1/5/2021 9:44 PM. Share . Item: 888137671.

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Eric Bertie MOSES 1887 Enfield, Middlesex, England Yes, date unknown Moses genealogy pages Worldwide research into the name Moses First Name: Last Name: [ Advanced Search ] [ Surnames Martini Henry MK IV 1887 Enfield Rifle .577/450 for auction. Up for auction is a cool old antique Martini Henry MK IV 1887 Enfield Rifle Conversion. This Rifle is equiped with a bayonet lug, Rod, Cartouche marks, 33 barrel, and serial number appears to be 695. This Martini Henry 1887 Mark IV; originally slated to be an Enfield-Martini rifle in .402, then when the British War Dept, scrapped. The Enfield revolver was also unpopular as the pure double-action function made precise and deliberate shooting almost impossible. The trigger for a single action revolver is generally 3 to 5 lbs (1.4 to 2.3 kg) of force, but the Enfield was never less than 11 lbs (5 kg), and this forefinger force corrupted any accurate targeting

By 1887 the British were again forming a commission to find a suitable replacement for their breach loading weapons. The trials of 1887 resulted in Britain's adoption of the Lee Box magazine fed bolt action rifle. Minor modifications were made to the action along with a change to a two piece stock, implemented by Enfield engineers. The .303 British cartridge was designed by a Major Rubini. 1887 Martini Henry Enfield Rifle .450 Martini. Lot 262: 1887 Martini Henry Enfield Rifle .450 Martini. Sold: Log in to view. Donley Auction Services January 30, 2021. Union, IL, US. View more details. More About this Item. Item Overview. Description. Good overall condition. Has minor chips and scratches in wood. Metal is good. Bore is good. SN 748 . Request more information Contact: Donley.

Snider Enfield 1861 artillery carbine firing - perspective from 5m - front - mono 2 In 1887 the Lee-Metford Rifle was adopted. It featured a magazine that held eight rounds, while the Mark II version would increase the magazine capacity to 10 rounds. The Lee-Metford would be. There are a total of [ 152 ] Small Arms from 1800 to 1899 entries in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily the primary operator

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VR Enfield Model 1887 believed to be 450CF cal. S/N: 279. View Item in Catalog Lot #3 (Sale Order: 3 of 437) Sold for: $325.00 to j****r Tax, Shipping & Handling and Internet Premium not included. See Auction Information for full details. Payment Type: Payment Type: Please Add. We have 1887 records for Amber Thompson-Enfield ranging in age from 12 years old to 67 years old. Amber has been found in 22 states including Maryland, Kansas, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, and 17 others. Possible related people for Amber Thompson-Enfield include Brian Michael Enfield, Craig Anthony Enfield, Theresa Joanne Enfield, Brittanee Nicole Thompson, Candie D Thompson, and many others. On. 36 Carriage Ln , Enfield, NS B2T1J is currently not for sale. The 1,887 sq. ft. single-family home is a 6 bed, 2.0 bath property. This home was built in 1989 and last sold on for. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow Model: MK6 - 1887 Manufacture: Enfield Calibre: 450/577 Rifle imported from Perou All the origin markings are present Weapon in very good condition Barrel with beautiful grooves, but not mirror The weapon shoots very well, barrel mirror with beautiful grooves Condition: Very good Kavelgegevens Land van herkomst Verenigd Koninkrijk Fabricage jaar 1887 Fabrikant enfield Model 1887 Subgenre Under.

British Pattern 1887 MkI Martini Henry Sword BayonetSmle No 1 Mkiii Lee Enfield Bayonet 1907 R Mole Rare WithPatten | Maine: An Encyclopedia
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